Non-TOX & Sustainable

I stay up really late researching amazing sustainable and non-toxic brands so you don't have to. So go get some rest, I've got this!  Check out my affiliate links below to products I trust, love, and use. If buying direct from a company I collaborate with, try my promo code for discounts: 


Free your armpits!


Toxin-free, stink-free, plastic-free pits!

When you smell an underarm that's been deodorized by Schmidt's Rose & Vanilla Natural Deodorant it's like taking a big 'ole whiff of freedom.  Let's face it -- wasteful packaging and toxins STINK. Finally I've found an effective, natural solution with a beautiful scent. I really love that this company engages in the circular economy as well. Once you have 6 jars, you can send them back for Schmidt's to re-use AND they will give you a FREE deodorant to say thank you! Click link here ---> Schmidt's Rose & Vanilla Natural Deodorant

Mom-friendly, refillable body care products.


Plaine Products is EVERYTHING <3

Do you know what I love? Talking about the circular economy WHILE having amazing hair. Have you tried out this incredible shampoo yet? Developed by two inspiring lady bosses who wanted to reduce single-use-plastics and create a non-toxic hair & face care line, Plaine Products ticks all my boxes as a busy mom. I love the Rosemary, Vanilla, Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. They ship it to your home. When you're done you ship it back & they refill it. 

Want 20% OFF? 

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Wooden dish scrubber


I'm never going back to a plastic sponge!

Redecker is a German company that has been making wood and plant-fiber brushes since 1935. I actually have a bit of a hack here -- I use the wand refill by itself and it works beautifully on stainless steel pots and glass alike. I've had mine for over 6 months and will never go back to my old plastic-sponge ways!  While I don't LOVE Amazon for obvious reasons, if you have an account, you can find the exact scrubber here . I don't believe they (Redecker) offer direct purchases to the US from their website but you can try to find it elsewhere. 

Listen to your inner (tired) voice.


Drink coffee, consciously.

Deans Beans is fighting climate change one cup at a time. Start your morning with a clean conscience when drinking their fair-trade, organic "NoCO2 coffee". Their carbon neutral beans from Peru are shade grown in harmony with bird habitat, supports local growers in a positive way, and the bag is commercially compostable! Because I love you all so much, I've decided to partner with Deans Beans who will offer my followers an exclusive 10% off by using code CRAZYNPL.  Read more about Deans Beans Peruvian carbon neutral coffee here

PS: this is not sponsored content & I do not make a commission off the sale : ) 

Let's stop breathing microplastics & toxic chemicals.


Austin Air HEPA filters are practically perfect in every way.

So excited to announce my collaboration with Austin Air. Visit their website and use this unique coupon code (just for my followers woot woot) --- CRAZYNPL --- for a 15% off discount!

As a back story --- I have lived in an Environmental Justice community for nearly a decade. What does that mean? Well, my minority-majority community is disproportionately burdened by a big polluter that lives next door...a major international airport. Knowing that my children are breathing in toxic Ultra Fine Particles from car emissions and jet fuel terrified me, especially when I learned that longterm exposure to these kinds of UFPs in adolescence can result in lower IQ, behavioral problems, autism, and asthma. Once I learned about the risks, I couldn't stop thinking about HOW to protect our kids (not just my own, but every child in my community) I am a volunteer advocate for getting Austin Air HEPA filters into every single dwelling and childcare facility/classroom in my neighborhood.  I also serve as a Campaign Coordinator for Mothers Out Front - East Boston and am a member of Air, Inc. Any promotion I do for the Austin Air brand is always unpaid and I do not make a commission off the sale of these units. To learn more about our local Air Quality Awareness efforts, watch this video.

Be a water snob, get a filter.


Remove microplastics from your water: 

Use "CRAZYNPL" at checkout for 10% off with Berkey and $10 off with Clearly Filtered. 

It's kind of hard to believe that we are now quite literally drinking plastic. As a mom, that's the stuff keeps me up at night, along with my screaming baby. While it is impossible to completely avoid microplastics in this modern world, we can reduce our exposure by investing in a water filter. Above are the brands that effectively remove microplastics and other toxins from tap water, whether it be town or well water. If you have older pipes in your home, it is possible that lead may be leaching into your drinking water, so a filter like this provides peace of mind. These filters also remove PFAS & fluoride. Did you know plastic disposable water bottles are often simply filled with filtered tap water? 

No matter your budget, you can find an effective & affordable option above for your home or office. 

Non-toxic & Plastic-Free Cleaning



If you want to use something beyond vinegar, I consider Meliora the unicorn of home cleaning products. That is because it meets all of my very high standards: 1) must be effective  2) safe for kids 3) good for planet. Created by two environmental engineers, this small business just gets it! Check out their website to see the full line of counter sprays, bathroom cleaners, etc. --- they have so much more than just laundry powder. PS: This powder works wonders on cloth diapers! 

Also, if you buy their bulk bucket, it is a zero waste purchase because you can return the empty bucket back to them FOR FREE!

For an exclusive 15% off, use code: CRAZYNPL

Bulk up, baby!


Do you know who grows your plastic-free food? I do. It's the Mader Family.

Let it be known, chickpeas are the unsung hero of a plastic-free life. I make a boatload of hummus every week. I don't buy chickpeas in BPA lined cans, instead I buy them loose from the bulk section at my local grocery store. Now, I am very lucky to live in Boston where bulk, plastic-free shopping is accessible to me. But, there are many folks across our country for whom bulk sections just aren't an accessible reality. I also recognize that bulk shopping in the store *can* be a bit cumbersome, especially for busy parents. For this exact reason, I have been on the hunt for bulk, plastic-free chickpeas and flour from a family-owned farm that I could buy online... 

Enter my knight in shining tractor: Palouse Brand!  

The Mader Family runs their 5th generation farm across the beautiful southeast countryside of Washington State. They carry out sustainable agricultural practices and are "Non-GMO Project" verified and "Food Alliance" certified. Their operations are vertically integrated, meaning they control every aspect of the supply chain in the USA.  They grow, clean, package and ship all of their products directly to your home. All lots are traceable & accessible to YOU online! 

Soooo, why am I telling you this? Well, I am BEYOND THRILLED to be partnering with Palouse Brand to bring you a special PLASTIC FREE discount! If you use the code CRAZYNPL at checkout, my followers will get a unique 15% discount off  *two items* (this quantity will guarantee shipment in a cardboard box instead of a plastic mailer envelope). NOTE: All the 3lb and 5lb bags on their website are now plastic-free waaaaaahhoooooo! Make sure you choose the cotton, burlap or linen options! Did you know these bags are reusable AND/OR compostable!

My love for Palouse Brand is real <3 but please note this content is sponsored. 

Plastic-free vitamins for plant-based diets!


I LOVE VEGUMS!  I love Vegums soooo much that I want to marry them. 

Truth be told, we are not vegan. Our diet is very plant-centric, but we do occasionally have meat and dairy. I have two little ones who can be picky at meal time, so I want to ensure they aren't missing out on any important nutrients. I love our subscription because it shows up at my doorstep and I don't have to worry about reordering. The packaging is all compostable, reusable, and recyclable. Win, win, win!

I am not an affiliate for Vegums and I do not make a commission. However,  I have collaborated with this brand in order to get my followers an exclusive 10% off discount. Use CRAZYNPL at checkout. 

Super sudsy dish soap bar


The Hippie Farmer

When I have the choice of supporting a small, local MA business over a big corporation --- I do! This mom/homesteader/farmer makes small-batch, effective & non-toxic dish soap (AND so many other things, but truth be told, I've only ever tried her dish soap). I love the lemongrass, but she has unscented, too. 

We have partnered to offer my followers an exclusive 20% off by using the CRAZYNPL at checkout. 

Click this link to get to the good stuff.